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Real Estate is more than a job for me, it is a passion that I enjoy focusing on and thinking about.  However, when not researching the most fabulous property for a client or working out a new way to market a home, most of my time relaxing is spent with my teenage daughter Lily and our 2 horses Traveller and  Piper.  My husband, Alex is an excellent Horse Dad/Husband.  When not playing gigs with his band, drives us to horse shows all over the tri-state area.  On those days when I have a bit of time to myself, you’ll find me at home in our log house, curled up with my dog and 2 cats, a large pot of  tea and a good book.

Originally from the U.K., I have now been living in the beautiful Hudson Valley for almost 30 years.  For 26 of those years I enjoyed the challenges and rewards of  running my own business.  I am now bringing my extensive customer service     expertise to helping you with your real estate needs.  I believe that integrity, trust and knowledge are 3 of the most important characteristics that I can bring to my  interactions with clients.

I have already earned my certification as a Seniors Real Estate Specialist and look forward to gaining more expertise this year.  I love learning new ways of doing   business and strive to stay informed of the latest trends and technologies related to the real estate market and to share with my clients.

I would love to speak with you regarding your real estate needs and your vision.  I am happy to take a preliminary call to get to know each other better and see if I am the right person to fulfill your real estate dreams. 

Julie Mazur
Julie Mazur

Thank you for your trust.